Blind Sight

by Blind sight

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released January 4, 2014

S/t ep recorded and mixed at Chameleon Sound

mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Blind Sight Central Coast, Australia

Blind sight is a 5-piece hardcore band from the central coast.

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Track Name: ˈstʌltɪfʌɪ
my judgement is so blind/ without a mask to hide behind
thought by now id have a clue/ still im wasting all my time
life keeps throwing stones my way/ what am i supposed to do
you thought it was before wait till you find out now

ive been down this road before/ but its rockier this time
going round and round/ the cycle thats now mine
victim to familiar/ the feelings never cease
stone cold proof that history repeats
going round the cycle/ world stuck on repeat
going round the cycle/ repeat
Track Name: Bite Back
dogs to the pound
it aint hard to see were getting pushed around
like stray dogs picked and thrown in the pound
I aint your dog/ i aint your hound/ salvation is nowhere to be found
strangling yanking pulling my leash/ restricting my values/ restricting my speech
plucked from the streets/ like the rights of your peers
no more crying/ no more tears

locked away no escape from the pound/ no sense of home/ no safe and sound
going unnoticed/ out of sight/ ill never understand how you sleep at night
were sick and tired/ weve all had enough
conditions getting worse although theyve always been rough

your crimes have gone unpunished for too long
how cant you see that what you're doing is wrong
stay alert/ one day well all snap
and you'll rue the day that the dogs bite back
Track Name: Chill
the rippling chills run down my spine/ im sinking deeper in the sands of time
into the depths/ my place of rest/ my faith, endurance put to the test
more and more/ my doubt has grown/ im isolated/ im on my own
who do i trust/ who do i know/ who is my friend and who is my foe

what on earth am i doing here/ why cant my path be crystal clear
my own life responsibility/ how am i to know whats right for me
i turned my back on the world/ and this you already know
confide myself in these thoughts/ i have nowhere to go
Track Name: Cut You Loose
thats it/ the last straw/ i cant take it anymore
just enough to break my back/ a shatter starts with just a crack
one by one it all piles on/ thats it/ now you're gone
the sparks reached the end of the fuse/ ive let you go/ ive cut you loose

hourglass defined by a single grain/ an untreated infection can cause so much pain
one more nudge closer to the ledge/ thats all it took to push me over the edge
Track Name: Blind Sight
thousands of lies/ and thousands more
im being left in the dark/ that i know for sure
i can see straight through you and your transparent facade
everything you've worked for/ ive worked twice as hard

stumbling through the blackness looking for a light
paid my price/ cold ice/ i cant sleep at night
rip out my eyes/ lids tight/ i still see

i can see straight through you and your transparent facade
everything you've worked for/ ive worked twice as hard
blind sight means i can see without my eyes
i can decipher the snakes and sever our ties